●  Based on its profound understanding to the society, economy, industry and the market, CSC constantly pursues the innovative corporate culture, which makes CSC especially strong in the innovation of the business mode, and keeps improving any mode.

    Details refer to Milestone

●   The business ability of lead and control the market
     To achieve the goal of leading and controlling the market, CSC should make sure every product it’s operating hold the No.1 position in terms of the market share, which should be far ahead of the second player, or else, CSC has to give up the operation of this product. This is the primary guarantee which enables CSC keeps its competitiveness and the fighting spirit in the sales team, the correctness in choosing the supplier by its purchase team, and its good reputation in the industry.




●  Ability in choosing the right products.

    Based on patent, pharmacology, production process, sufficient market data, CSC works out the plan of increasing its operating portfolio through scientific analysis model, democratic decision-making mechanism and so on.

●  The specialization in the category of the products it’s operating.

      By virtue of the classification of the pharmacology, CSC adds and improves its operating products in serial.
     For example: Domperidone, Domperidone Maleate, Mosapride Citrate, Itopride Hydrochloride, Cisapride, which are all under the category of gastric dynamics drugs.

●  Successful exclusive agency experience in China market which shows no failure record since 2003.

   For every product we represent, CSC will make particular strategy, 3 to 5 years business plan, 3 to 5 years sales target, sales tactics and execute solutions, and will discuss and modify the execute solutions in a timely manner.

●  Wide range of existed customers

   CSC has established a wide range customer’s network. By becoming the exclusive agent for Sorbitol and Mannitol of France Roquette Freres, as of now, CSC has become the supplier for most MNCs subsidiaries in China.

●  Good company image of law-abiding operation, CSC never engages in any pharmaceutical product without CFDA’s approval directly or indirectly under any product name.

●  Excellent IDL registration service. 


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