●  June 2014, CSC was renamed as “China Chinopharma Co., Ltd”, with great honor that the company name start as China.
●  2013 CSC published “ Business Guide to China’s pharmaceutical market.
●  Up to 2012, among all the pharmaceutical selling companies in China, CSC was the only company who successfully completed IDL registration by its own staff.
●  2011 CSC hosted the CPHI India-China Pharmaceutical business conference by request of Consulate General of India, Shanghai.
●  2010, CSC established its own modern laboratory equipped with experts and excellent equipments. This is the first company in Chinese pharmaceutical wholesales company.
    CSC audited Indian API manufacturer with a user who had obtained the FDA approval which all the costs were borne by CSC. This is the first company among Chinese pharmaceutical agents.
●  2009, Roquette France started the cooperation with CSC on the products of Mannitol and Sorbitol. Most pharmaceutical companies in China will use them, especially  those factories set up by the overseas-funded companies.
●  2008, the merger of two companies were completed and the company was renamed China Shanghai Chinopharma Ltd (CSC) and Pharmaceutical Trade License issued by Shanghai SFDA was award to CSC.
●  2006, MEEGLE Group cooperated with CSC on Lactose. All the Chinese pharmaceutical companies are using Lactose, which enables our sales network having a widespread coverage of nearly all the pharmaceutical companies.
●  2005, CSC set up the registration department by employing its own staff which was responsible for IDL registration. This is the first company in Chinese pharmaceutical trading companies.
●  2004, CSC introduced the business cooperation model of entering China market with zero risk into Indian pharmaceutical Industry, which was the first company in the pharmaceutical trade between India and China.
    The business model includes: cooperative product finalized by CSC, all IDL fees borne by CSC, and Indian manufacturers selected by CSC. Since 2008, many Indian enterprises has been applying for IDL by adopting this business model.
    From 2004 to 2005, CSC signed Exclusive Agency Agreement with Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Fleming Laboratories Ltd., Sun Phamaceutical Industries Ltd., & Vasudha Pharma Chem Ltd., and had obtained IDL from China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) for all the contracted products in 2007.
●  2003, CSC successfully introduced a commercial theory into Indian pharmaceutical industry that exclusivity is the sole business mode that suits the Chinese market, which was the first company in the pharmaceutical trade between India and China.
    Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd appointed CSC as its exclusive sale agent for Dextromethorphan HBr for 3 years in Chinese market including MNCs. From 2003 to 2005, the quantity of Dextromethorphen HBr that CSC had purchased from Dr’s reddy’s was over 10 times the total amount that Dr’s reddy’s had sold in the past 3 years in China.
    Meanwhile, it had made Wockhardt’s sales volume shrink to one third of Dr. Reddy’s.
    At present, most of Indian pharmaceutical companies operate the Chinese market through exclusive agency such as Alembic, Piramal, Ranbaxy, Wockhardt, Zydus.
    CSC was approved by 'Good Supply Practice' (called 'GSP' in short).
●  2002, CSC was founded through a capital injection from China Worldbest Group Co., Ltd. 
    In the same year, CSC obtained 'License for pharmaceutical trading' issued by CFDA.

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